Drink Healthy


A healthy life begins with a healthy drink. Our array of fresh and pasteurized fruit juices is tops.

Eat Healthy


Our fresh produce section provides you with all the healthy alternatives.

Everything You Need and Then Some

302586504We are Your Deal Food Corporation, a medium-sized supermarket catering to the needs of the Bushwick area in Brooklyn, New York. We have everything you need, and then some. We are available to serve our custumers 24/7. How is that for diligence.

Of course, we offer A-1 products at good prices. We have fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables; dairy, meat and poultry; canned goods, grains, bakery products, condiments, soft drinks, beer, wine coolers, baby foods, baby formulas, toiletries and various other goods.

Our Delicatesssen is top notch. Order any sandwich that you fancy. All made by capable and safe hands.

To our online customers, welcome! We accept online and phone orders and we deliver.